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I'm Jamie DeBella-Teresuk.

I help brands and products fulfill their design potential.

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Product Leadership
Leading international teams from product inception, to delivery and beyond.
Strategic Direction
Directing and facilitating discovery workshops, design sprints, and content strategy.
Design Mentorship
Mentoring senior designers to help them find their creative voice.

I am a product director with two decades of industry experience, leading international teams spanning the globe to deliver top-notch application and product designs utilizing the latest technology platforms. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, I moved from Portland, Oregon, the US, to Amsterdam, Netherlands; where I've made my home-base for the last 8 years. 

Specializing in remote team management, large-scale interactive experiential environments and consumer products, and guiding brands through strategic discovery and delivery - I'm passionate about providing a full human experience in whatever technology is called for, while at the same time, advocating for business needs.  

As I've jumped around the world, I've spent a lot of my career as a consultant, filling-in product and design leadership roles on enterprise teams, facilitating discovery workshops and design sprints for startups and small to medium sized businesses, and mentoring senior designers. It's been a wild ride, and I'm looking forward to what's next on the horizon.

In my spare time, I enjoy listening to music on vinyl or in concert, practicing and occasionally teaching tai chi, whipping up my coveted homemade hot sauce, and whisking my son and husband off on some thrilling adventure!

If your team is looking for someone like me to jump-in and hit the ground running, let me know; I'm always up for a chat!

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